Student Network
Students, we have work for you!

This is not an experiment. This is not a simulation.
This is a real magazine. And you can be a staff member.

Arizona Outdoor Journal is hiring high school juniors and seniors across the state for positions in journalism, photography, advertising, accounting, computer graphics, marketing, art, word processing, computer programming/html coding and data entry.

The only requirements are that you are age 16-20, are a junior or senior at an Arizona high school and want to give the publishing business a shot. Experience in any type of outdoor activity is a plus but not a must.

You will be required to work 10-20 hours a week, including some evenings and/or weekends. Students will work in groups of at least two for all weekend trips. We guarantee a salary above the minimum wage as well as commission for those involved with advertising sales. But let's not forget the benefits of real-life work experience in your career field, the opportunity to learn from publishing professionals and seeing your name in a state-wide magazine.

For more information call (623) 435-9669 or (800) 701-8477.

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